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Dana Tison's Amazing Juggling!(2:14)

Dana Tison shows off his high-energy talents on cruise ships and corporate event stages!

Dana Tison's Hilarious Comedy! (4:50)


Dana Tison makes 'em laugh with his comedy & juggling!


Dana Tison's Gospel Presentation! (6:38)


As a part of his ministry shows, Dana Tison shares a visual gospel illustration of how to come to know God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Dana on hands and knees supporting


  • "Thanks for the great performance at my Golf Outing this week. I received nothing but rave reviews from my guests."
    Jay Levine, President, The Harvard Drug Group LLC

  • "Meticulously polished . . . perfectly timed."
    Juggle magazine

  • "The audience was very entertained, and your professionalism, skills, and the laughter you generated were extremely appreciated."
    Karen Stahl, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Dana juggling 7 balls on stage